About me

My name is Sandra, I'm 20 years young. Writer/dancer/student.

Once Upon A Time, In December 2012, I created this blog, so I could have a place where I could release my creative energy and just write about things that I love and enjoy and try to document my life a little along the way.

I'm filling this "About me" page, when I have 567 lovely followers on this blog! I’m flattered and really pleased that anyone might find something they like, or can relate to in my life, or things I might update my blog or twitter with, so thank you. So all in all I’m just a normal 20 year old girl! I have more bad hair days than most, I love dancing, I like to play with camera on my spare time, I’m writing a book, that probably never going to be published and I’m constantly terrified that I am “not doing enough” with my life, even when I’m worked to the bone. 

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