December 31, 2012

NYE nails

For the past 2 months I was so obssesed with glitter nail polish, so when the time came to decide what to do with my nails on NYE I chose black and glitter, because it looks festive and classy. 

 essence colour & go | Since Let's dance

I only did one nail, but if you want to add a little bit of sparkle you can aplly it on all of them.

Here's to 2012
Thanks for a hell of a year.
For the people I’ve met this year
For the friendships that have gotten stronger
For my family, for making me strive harder for my dreams

Thank you 2012. 
You’ve been a killer of a year.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Sport netDispatch " Guangzhou daily " message, a lot of profession league matches have advocate the cent of field, guest field, looking is race site only is different, have great difference actually, but OK and affirmative is, all team like advocate, headache guest field. For the word that uses intermediary of all corners of the country, guest field, the article inside this but big.
Although be the basketball league matches of one class, although this year and even the pressure that did not upgrade next year and demotes, but the guest field of NBL league matches still lets a person feel very afflictive. Group of Guangzhou free person is far recently the might that the game that attends Heilongjiang grand celebration of an important event experienced guest field with respect to profundity letting a person.
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Go to house of guest field ball training in the morning the following day, discover ball house does not have report actually however, team is forced to feel black practice a hour. Ask about a reason, answer: Place is overhauled.
The match in the evening can let a person what experience more is guest field. The firepower of on 1000 fan of gymnasium of Daqing Long Feng is dye-in-the-wood, every time free person player punishs basket, the bawl of guest field fan, jeer sound, in succession pleasant to hear, advocate the might of field all is shown.
Of the judgment sentence punish us not dare easily buy is judged, do not spend this game, all along gentle and quiet free person carries out the protest before coach Zhang Yong goes a few times to the referee; All along softhearted foreign aids Ma Man is sentenced in more after punishing, enrage so that one foot plays basketball unexpectedly went out outside field, his alarm is worn double shoulder, the head [url=]nike for cheap[/url] shakes so that resemble rattle-drum, the mumble in the mouth. The foreigner returns the league matches of incommensurate China. Forced smile of an old team member is worn say.
Such guest field is already right! A personage inside course of study says lightly. The competition that he says to he is participated in in those days lets his be in a towing rage, threw a table.
Chinese basketball wants just fairness than the football, believe this is consensus, but the guest field of match of a NBL still lets person deep feeling: Advocate the difference of guest field how so big?
Believe a lot of people look not to understand, believe a lot of people look so that understand, this is sports phenomenon of China probably.


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