January 03, 2013

DIY: studded collars | Part I

Hey, guys! I was cleaning my closet and found so many shirts that I don't wear anymore, so I thought I will use it to make this lovely and edgy accessory. It's a great way to spice your outfit a little bit and it's very easy to make. So let's get started!

You'll need:

A collared shirt.  
Metal studs - You can often find them at trimming stores, or online. Make sure you get the kind of studs that have metal spikes on the ends that can be folder over with pliers.
Start of by cutting all the collars from your shirts. Cut just below the area where the collar is sewed on.
Then take your studs that have a metal spikes on the back. Then take your collar and poke the studs through the fabric and fold down the studs' spikes making them flat agains the fabric. 
Poke as many studs as you want to create a unique design.

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Anonymous said...

Looove these collars!
I'll try to do it :)
Kisses from Simona, Italy :*

Sandra said...

Good luck, it's very easy!x

Ema said...

why did you cut the collars off? Is it necessary?

Sandra said...

Of course not, I just wanted to :)

Rani Apple said...

cute! x

Amanda Eliasson said...

Cool. <3


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